Vietnam Operations

Our manufacturing facility in Vietnam is 100% owned and operated. The factory is fully automated with sophisticated machinery and production procedures enabling us to produce a wide range of quality garments at competitive prices and superior lead times.  The ownership of this factory means that we have complete control over our products and the manufacturing process which is quite unique in the school wear market in Australia.

In 2001 we successfully gained a License of Trust with Vietnam Authorities to commence a garment manufacturing business which opened in 2005 with twenty-nine (29) personnel.  The offshore production is managed and supplied to the Australian market through PN Corporation Pty Ltd established by Tuan Nguyen in 2004.  Through a process of personnel training and machinery investment, the Vietnam facility has grown into new premises and now employs approximately two hundred and thirty (230) garment specialists.
We manufacture the clear majority of our product in our Vietnamese factory.  This factory operates in accordance with all local employment laws and conditions.  As part of our employment packages and in addition to wage and other employment entitlements, staff receive food and accommodation assistance.  The Vietnamese Government has very strict laws regarding employment conditions and regularly audit and inspect the factory.  This factory operates under a Licence of Trust from the Vietnamese Government.

Factory Site inspections are conducted at least four times per annum. The following areas are included:
  • General working conditions to ensure all commitments are being met.
  • Inspection of storage facilities for raw materials to ensure fabric quality is maintained.
  • Review of Physical inventory compared to system records.
  • Pattern and sample controls.
  • Ensure all processes and procedures in the Manufacturing Agreement are being adhered to.
  • Audit Environmental and Social Compliance requirements.
The success of this Vietnamese facility has been due in part to the personnel training programs implemented by Mr Tuan Nguyen.  The facility provides career education in the garment industry in addition to employee support programs in health and housing to provide improved social benefits to all personnel.



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