Why Book Appointments?

Appointments are a great opportunity to bring your child in to try on sizes and different uniform items you will need for the upcoming year. If you book an appointment a time will be set aside for you and our experienced staff will be able to assist you, eliminating any unnecessary queuing or waiting in lines in our busy January period.

Our experienced staff can assist in your fittings and advise sizes that will allow for growth. Customers making appointments for new students also have the opportunity to secure their items and avoid the rush, long quest and last minute panic of January. 


Who are Booking Appointments for?

Appointments are available to all students, both new and existing, attending any schools serviced by our Super Stores, as well as students enrolled for the 2022 year.

Book an appointment:

  • If you are a new student,
  • If you do not know your sizes and would like to try things on,
  • If you would like assistance from our trained staff to find the sizes that best suit you,
  • If you require special assistance or have specific uniform needs such as made to measure sizes, and/or,
  • To secure your items avoid unnecessary wait times and the last-minute panic of January.


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